Former Scotland boss Craig Brown joins The Free-Kick Podcast.

Former Scotland boss Craig Brown has been adding to the excitement ahead of Scotland’s crunch match with England at the European Championships – but playing down his former team’s chances of victory.

Speaking on Scottish football show; The Free-Kick Podcastthe former Tartan Army manager explained that there was no doubt that the Scots were second-favourites going into the big game this Friday at Wembley.

England have every advantage, not only the fact they’re at home, but they have an extra day’s rest, which can make all the difference and that’s not something that’s been mentioned too often.

Confidence in the Scottish camp going into this game won’t be helped by their opening game against the Czech Republic, which resulted in a 2-0 defeat, but Brown felt that Steve Clark’s team did enough for at least a point.

The ex-Rangers player previously managed Scotland at both Euro 96 and at the World Cup in France in 1998 and knows only too well the effect a poor result can have on the group.

I’ve got every sympathy for Steve after Monday. I’ve been through this experience and while it was a disappointing result, the performance didn’t reflect the result and I felt we should have got a draw.

The first game loss won’t do anything to dampen Scottish expectations, however with Brown convinced that the team will be in no doubt exactly how important this game is to the country, to the team and for the manager.

A game against England is a game that, for Scotland, can’t get any bigger. We played Brazil, Germany, France and had some hard games away from home, but the most demanding is England at Wembley. This is probably the biggest game Steve Clarke will ever be involved in and it’ll mean a lot to the whole nation.

The guest slot from Craig Brown was a great booking from the Free-Kick team who were looking to capitalise on the hype around the European Championships and only reinforces their reputation for excellent insight and analysis around everything to do with Scottish football.

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