3 tips to deliver an incredible host-read ad

What is a HRA?

A Host Read Advert (HRA), sometimes called a ‘Live Read’ is a commercial read and endorsed by the show presenter during a show.

They are not delivered as scripts to be read verbatim but rather provide ideas and talking points that help the promotion of products or services during the flow of conversation.

Whilst there is some freedom to get creative within HRA’s and the emphasis for hosts to “put their mark” on the content, there are also likely to be some key messages that MUST be delivered within the read ad.

What is the purpose of a HRA?

HRA’s are a valuable part of a podcasts commercial inventory and can command a premium in terms of cost to advertisers. Delivering good quality and impactful HRA’s can greatly improve your chance of an ongoing relationship with that brand, and being approached by more brands and advertisers in the future.

So getting them right can only benefit your podcast moving forward!

Here are some tips to help make sure you are making the most of the opportunity and remember, if you ever have any queries about what you are being asked to do please reach out to your Sport Social Podcast Network account manager.

1. Preparation!

Like with most content, preparation is the key to success!

It’s very easy to identify a HRA that has been picked up and read by the host for the first time – and it’s rarely good.

Take some time to read the brief in full and pick out the key points from the brief. You can then decide how you want to deliver the read!

It can often help to rewrite and bullet point the elements you want to highlight and the ‘must say’ key messages.

2. Make It Something Listeners Will Love

The best Host Read Adverts feel like part of the regular show and flow seamlessly.

Whist you have a commitment to the advertiser to deliver the key messages you also have a commitment to your audience to deliver great content and there is no reason why you can’t do both.

It’s key to know what your show’s tone of voice is. If your show is funny and irreverent, then the read should be done in the same tone whereas if it’s scripted and serious then the same applies.

You should always be respectful to the brand and the messaging but, at the same time the advertiser is buying into you and your relationship with the audience and so the content should feel as natural and ‘in keeping’ with the show as possible – everything is content.

3. You don’t have to love it

It’s tempting when you are delivering a HRA to say that the product is fantastic, even if you’ve never tried it – but you don’t have to!

Whilst you should never be negative about a product, being overly positive about every HRA you deliver will soon sound inauthentic to your audience.

It can help to imagine what problem the product or service MIGHT solve in your life or how you can imagine it helping you or someone you know in the future. That can often be just as powerful as just saying that you love a certain thing.

Keep in mind you may also need to do different versions of the read so think about how you might keep that feeling fresh with different angles, takes and examples rather than just saying; “Its great!”.

On some occasions an advertiser may ask for a ‘personal endorsement’ for a product. In this instance they will usually send you a sample before you record the read.

When delivering a premium campaign such as this, it is important to include “I” statements to demonstrate your endorsement and also to make sure that your opinion and experience is front and centre of the read.

Want to hear more?

You can hear two masters of the art of HRA’s talking about how to ensure great delivery on the Voiceworks: Sound Business podcast. Listen to Paul Sylvester (Content Director at Absolute Radio) and Tim Cocker (Host at Virgin Radio and The Egg-Chasers Podcast) sharing some top tips on delivering fantastic Host Read adverts here: https://pod.fo/e/12b41b

The TTM Sports Show celebrate their 100th episode with a special guest

Sport Social is proud to congratulate the TTM Sports Show on as they embark on their anticipated 100th episode of the podcast.

The centurion episode will be alongside former Leeds Chairman, Peter Ridsdale which airs on Wednesday 13th July 2022.

On the journey to their impressive milestone, both James’ who run the show have worked to bring niche content to their audience, hosting guests such as Peter Drury and Matt Jarvis within the football world and the likes of Dave Coldwell and Gary “Spike” O’Sullivan who command respected opinions within boxing.

To reach such a significant milestone, a huge amount of dedication, consistency (and witt) is needed which has been shown in abundance as they promote a show by the fans, for the fans.

We’re keen to see the journey through the next 100 episodes!

To listen to the TTM Sport Show’s 100th episode, click here.

How to deliver the perfect Host-Read Ad and our latest partnership – July 2022 Newsletter

The Sport Social Newsletter – July 2022

In this months edition we’ll cover exactly how you can expertly deliver host-read ads, our latest partnerships plus looking at how to ensure your podcast is being found on Apple Podcasts.

How to expertly deliver Host-Read Ads

Ever wondered how to create the perfect Host Read Ads?

Host Read Advertising and Live Reads are the lifeblood of podcast revenue. Getting them right can reap huge rewards – not just for the brands you work with – but for your show and its reputation in the world of podcasting.

On the latest episode of Voiceworks: Sounds Business you can hear some great advice on how to up your HRA game from two individuals who know that side of the industry inside out. Paul Sylvester (Absolute Radio) and Tim Cocker (Virgin Radio / Egg Chasers Rugby Podcast) share their knowledge and expertise in this area and its invaluable listening.

Listen here to begin perfecting the art of the Host-Read Ad

Are you being found in Apple Podcasts?

The once dark art of surfacing content on Apple podcasts is slowly becoming less mysterious as Apple Podcasts lift the lid on exactly how their algorithms work.

The latest bit of intel to come from the tech giant focuses on how the search function works within Apple Podcasts… and it’s an interesting read for all avid podcasters.

Whilst this article stops short of giving any practical tips it does offer some valuable insight into where your focus should be when writing podcast titles and descriptions.

Last Word on Spurs join Sport Social

A big North London welcome to Ricky Sacks and the Last Word on Spurs team who are amongst the latest sign-ups to the Sport Social Podcast Network.

LWOS is an independent Tottenham Hotspur Fan Channel providing instant post-match analysis and previews to every single Spurs match along with a range of former players, managers & special guests – and they have a large following of dedicated Spurs fans along for the ride.

We’re delighted to have the show as part of the network heading into the new Premier League season.

Listen to Last Word on Spurs here

Sport Social’s latest partnership with Podfront

In case you missed it on our social channels, we’re excited to announce our latest joint venture with the Podfront UK team, in a partnership that will expand our global reach and strengthen Podfront’s sports offering.

All 130 of our sports podcasts will now be offered as part of Podfront’s network of advertisers, giving national and international brands an opportunity to engage more deeply with sports fans.

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