Sport Social Podcast Network reaches 3.5m listens each month and The WFFA joins the team – September 2022 Newsletter

The September edition of the Sport Social newsletter is here and we have some exciting network updates to share this month along with advice which could save you troubles with your podcast.

3.5 million and counting!

The Sport Social Podcast Network now pulls in 3.5m listens every single month. That’s 3.5m people who are coming back month after month to listen to brilliant audio content – enough to fill Wembley stadium almost 39 times over.

Want to be part of our growing network? Get in touch to be part of what is on track to soon be the biggest sport audio network in the world!

The Opportunity in Sports podcasts

With listenership booming and revenue potential rapidly growing it is hard to believe that podcasting is still very much an unexplored area for many big players in the sport world.

Our Head of Sport Jim Salveson’s blog uncovers the reason so many are still reluctant to take the plunge.

Read here

The Oscars of the Football Content Industry

It’s back! Celebrating the best in online football media, the Football Content Awards recognises and rewards all content creators and online media companies in football.

Nominations for finalists for the Football Content Awards 2022 can be made until midnight on Sunday 4th of September and it’s a great chance to get some extra ears on your podcast.

Also, please consider voting for the Sport Social Podcast Network as ‘Best Media Organisation’ – we’d love your support.

When does an Ad not become an Ad?

A recent investigation by the Advertising Standards Authority has upheld a complaint against Steven Bartlett’s ‘Diary of A CEO’ podcast for not making it clear that a promotional read for food supplement Huel was a marketing communication. 

The ruling is an important reminder about how advertising and marketing content should be positioned within a podcast.

For more on the story and to find out how YOU can avoid falling foul of the rules you can check out this article by Head of Sport Social Jim Salveson

The WFFA joins the Sport Social Podcast Network!

As always, we’ve had lots of top new shows join our team in August but a special mention goes to the World Football Freestyle Association who have taken their first steps into the world of podcasting with ‘All You Need Is A Ball.’

Produced by Voiceworks: Sport, “All You Need Is A Ball” is the official podcast of the World Freestyle Football Association.

Each week Freestyle Football athlete and guru Daniël Rooseboom will guide you through all the tricks and speak to all the big personalities from one of the biggest sports in the world that you’ve never heard of.

Listen now on the Sport Social Podcast Network: