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A.C.E Podcast Nation Presents: My Story

Look out for our special Live follow up show on the Monday evenings following the Wednesday release. Where possible we will be joined by the featured guest to answer questions in the live chat relating to their episode and life.
My Story Series 3 Releases NEW episodes Every Wednesday 8pm and My Story Extra will be Live the following Monday Evening 7.30pm

Join us as we relive the journeys of some truly special people.

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About A.C.E Podcast Nation Presents: My Story

Welcome to A.C.E Podcast Nation Presents My Story, in this series A.C.E Podcast Nation founder and Host Si is joined by a different guest for each show as they tell their story in their own words. Each episode will be full of twists and turns, ups and downs as the guests reminisce about the journey that has taken them to the present day. These shows are always full of funny and emotional anecdotes as the guests relive the ups and downs of their lives and/or careers in their own words.

Series 3 will be NO different to our first two series as we are joined by a laundry list of interesting guests from all walks of life and industries. Previous series have featured Footballers, Fighters, Actors, cricketers, broadcasters, Musicians, podcasters, athletes and more as they talk about their lifelong journeys in their own words.

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A sarcastic Welshman who isn't afraid to give his opinion. A lifelong wrestling fan who watches wrestling every day of the week. Loves the fact that Keepin It Real isn't like your run of the mill wrestling podcast. Bored of clichés and the wrestling podcast world feeling very samey, Si and Andrew built on their friendship from across the pond and created Keepin It Real where no Wrestling Topic is off limits, Full of honest opinions, some times disagreements and ALWAYS as much news or TV talk as possible crammed into 45 mins of conversation as the lads fly from topic to topic. Always a lot of fun with these pair.
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