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Across The Pond – NHL

Everything you need and want to know about the National Hockey League from both sides of the Pond

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About Across The Pond – NHL

Across the pond sports podcast is the brain child of James Scott who started this as a passion project however in its short time the podcast has grown and now has its very own website and attracts guests of the highest calibre.

So if you want to listen to British and Americans talking about your favourite American sports teams from the NFL, NBA, WNBA and MLB then you are in the right place, we have hosts and guests from both sides of the pond who love sports just as much as you do.   

The NHL part of the network is focused entirely on the best sport on ice in the world, and covers all the latest news, talking points and matches from the NHL

No matter what side of the pond you’re on we have it covered. 

Meet the hosts

Josh Brinkley

Josh Brinkley

Josh lives in Denver and is an outdoor enthusiast. He loves to ski, hike, bike, paddleboard, and camp with his wife and two daughters. He also loves sports and is a fan of the Colorado Avalanche, Denver Broncos, and San Diego Padres (he grew up playing baseball in San Diego).
Chris Blyth

Chris Blyth

I got into Hockey as a kid through playing the Sega Mega Drive games and originally supported the Pittsburgh Penguins. My Dad would regularly travel to Phoenix for work so when the Coyotes sprung up in 1996, allegiances had to change. Unfortunately, Hockey wasn’t shown in the UK and whenever I would visit Phoenix it was always out of season so in a pre-internet era my interest in the sport waned. That changed after a visit in March 2010 where I got to go to my first and so far only game at home against the Canucks. 2 hours and 7 goals I was hooked back in and the rest, as they say, is history. Thanks to an NHL TV subscription, highlights on YouTube and updates through social media, I’m able to follow them more so than ever before. Away from being a Yotes fan, I’m a freelance web designer by trade and in my free time can be found running along the Worthing coast, drinking Pinot Noir with my wife or finding an excuse to not do DIY.

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