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Across The Pond

Across The Pond covers a wide range of American sports by a mix of fans from either side of the Atlantic Ocean. Whether it’s NFL, NBA, or MLB, they’ve got it covered!

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About Across The Pond

Across the pond sports podcast is the brain child of James Scott who started this as a passion project. However in its short time the podcast has grown and now has its very own website and attracts guests of the highest calibre so if you want to listen to British and Americans talking about your favourite American sports teams from the NFL, NBA, WNBA and MLB then you are in the right place! We have hosts and guests from both sides of the pond who love sports just as much as you do.  

We have big plans for the future as we grow and produce more and more content that you want to listen to.  If you like the podcast give us a rating and review and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

No matter what side of the pond you’re on we have it covered.

Meet the hosts

James Scott

James Scott

James was born in Glasgow and has loved basketball from an early age, inspired by a family trip to Utah. James recently had an idea to start up a podcast, a Scotsman talking American sports he planned for 5 episodes and thought he would be done (“who is gonna listen to me talk about American Sports”) however the support he received from family was enough to keep going and reach out to have guests. Ryan and Katie joined the team soon after and between the trio, they cover a wide range of things from "Across the Pond"!
Katie Brinkley

Katie Brinkley

Katie is cohost on the NFL episodes of Across The Pond. Residing from the other side of the pond, she lives in Denver Colorado. After landing her “dream job” as a post game reporter for the local sports radio station after college, life ended up taking her down a different path. She started her own social media company, where she helps small businesses and entrepreneurs master social media. Katie still has a strong love for football and has always continued to follow the NFL and Michigan Wolverines football.
Ryan Docherty

Ryan Docherty

Ryan born in Coatbridge, Scotland has a smorgasbord of sports knowledge and experience after first became infatuated with basketball at the age of 10. He went on to play Div 1 and BUCS basketball. When he’s not playing, talking, coaching, or refereeing basketball you can usually find him either planning or travelling to many foreign lands. He’s so far been to 13 out of the 30 stadiums in the league. Shout out Miami’s AA Arena for being the most spectacular stadium he’s been to and Boston for being his favourite city so far. Ryan has helped host and written for blogs/ podcasts in the past and is committed to bringing his own style and takes via ATP Sports. #LukaMVP

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