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Ciaran’s Critique

Do you have a passion for sports and you want to listen to someone who does too?

Listen to this unique podcast with teenage Ciarán as he talks about the top baseball, basketball, and football (not the American kind) news of the week.

No matter where you are from, Ciarán has the sport for you.

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About Ciaran’s Critique

If you’re a fan of sports from across the pond, Ciaran’s Critique is a podcast for you!

Ciaran started the pod to share his love of all things NBA, MLB and NFL, meaning it’s a one-stop shop for stateside sport.

Even though his beloved Tennessee Titans didn’t make the Super Bowl this year, he’s still got the latest from the world of American Football, with plenty of baseball and basketball thrown into the mix too.

If you love sport as much as him, give it a try!

Meet the hosts

Ciaran Greer

Ciaran Greer

Ciaran is a 15 year old South Carolinian who was grown up loving all sports. He enjoys running and if you start a conversation with him, it always ends up in a debate about sports, whether it is Messi vs Ronaldo or Lebron vs MJ. He started the podcast Ciarán’s Critique because he wanted to share his love of sports on a podcast where anyone can listen for their favourite sport.

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