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David Sammel Nuggets

David offers weekly nuggets and life insights with references to elite sport. Altering a perception is hugely powerful and he draws on his experience coaching high performance athletes to ask thought provoking questions and offer alternative insights on a variety of subjects.

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About David Sammel Nuggets

David Sammel has coached champions at Wimbledon and the Olympics. He is a leading ATP tour coach and works with Liam Broady. He has extensive online coaching and mentoring experience across many fields and advises on high performance and the mindset needed to succeed under intense pressure

David Sammel Nuggets is his way of giving back and leaving a legacy for his grandsons.

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David Sammel

David Sammel

David Sammel played professional tennis and for the past 35 years is an international pro tennis coach. He is a bestselling author with the book Locker Room Power and creator of the online program Mindset College. He writes for the International magazine Tennishead and various other journals and magazines.
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