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Keepin It Real

Si and Andrew bring you a one-stop shop of all things wrestling in this podcast! No stone is left unturned from inside the squared circle, so step through the ropes and get involved!

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About Keepin It Real

Keepin It Real is professional wrestling podcast series like no other, its 45-60 minutes of non stop wrestling conversation as we round up as many stories and moments from TV, PPV and news as possible in under an hour. Our A.C.E Podcast Nation founder Si is joined by POSTwrestling.com writer/interviewer Andrew Thompson as they take you on a funny and quick journey through the wild and wacky world of wrestling each week.

Meet the hosts

Andrew Thompson

Andrew Thompson

It is no exaggeration to say Andrew Thompson is one the most gifted writers and interviewers in the wrestling media world, he used to be referred to as the best young writer in the game but now he is just one of the best. Currently writing for POSTwrestling.com as well as starting his own YouTube channel which show cases his interviews with wrestlers from every promotion in North America and beyond. Alongside his obvious talent in the writing and interviewing department Andrew is relaxed and incredibly funny. Si and Andrew struck up a friendship from across the globe and have used that to talk wrestling like only they can by switching from topic to topic depending on where their conversations take them.


A sarcastic Welshman who isn't afraid to give his opinion. A lifelong wrestling fan who watches wrestling every day of the week. Loves the fact that Keepin It Real isn't like your run of the mill wrestling podcast. Bored of clichés and the wrestling podcast world feeling very samey, Si and Andrew built on their friendship from across the pond and created Keepin It Real where no Wrestling Topic is off limits, Full of honest opinions, some times disagreements and ALWAYS as much news or TV talk as possible crammed into 45 mins of conversation as the lads fly from topic to topic. Always a lot of fun with these pair.

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