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Love Tennis

James Gray, George Bellshaw and Calvin Betton talk weekly about the biggest issues in tennis.

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About Love Tennis

The podcast first started as an offshoot of the now-defunct Love Sport Radio, with George and James gathering in a small studio in south London once every few weeks to talk about tennis.

A series of producers helped us through the process that we knew very little about before we started running the ship ourselves.

As with all good projects, it briefly fell by the wayside in 2019, before returning in the same year with Calvin added to the roster. Calvin gave us the chance to talk about tennis from a more technical perspective as an elite-level coach, and the pandemic meant that we had plenty of time on our hands to record every week.

We now run regular interviews and features, as well as a fantasy tennis tournament for each grand slam for our small band of devoted listeners. We spend most our time trying to predict who the next big thing might be, and supporting British tennis wherever we can.

Meet the hosts

James Gray

James Gray

James’ first opponent was a solid baseliner nicknamed Tim Henwall, which also happened to be the side of a local school. A professional tennis career never beckoned (opponents who could actually move proved far more challenging) but writing and talking about the sport never went away. He started out with the Daily Express before going on to host his own sports talk radio show, and now writes for i newspaper and inews.co.uk on tennis, among other things.
George Bellshaw

George Bellshaw

George has played tennis since he was six, boasting a huge serve and weak mentality. He views his own game as a cross between Nick Kyrgios and Dominic Thiem – or at least he dreams of having Kyrgios’s serve and Thiem’s backhand and movement. He has been Metro.co.uk’s tennis correspondent since 2017. He has travelled to all four grand slams, as well as a host of ATP, WTA and ITF events, and has generally annoyed players, support staff and fans on every continent.
Calvin Betton

Calvin Betton

Calvin was a regional level tennis player until “injuries” (lack of ability) put an end to an burgeoning career. He is a Level 5 Master Performance Coach, has coached multiple national junior champions, world ranked players, and players competing at grand slams and representing GB in Davis Cup. He has recently started doing some tennis commentary as well as doing the pod.

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