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The Scoreless Thriller Podcast

The podcast which brings you the most interesting stories from the world of football which combine history, society and politics.

Often light-hearted, but not afraid to cover more contentious aspects of the beautiful game.

Episodes out twice a month.

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About The Scoreless Thriller Podcast

The Scoreless Thriller Podcast comes from a simple idea, that the attraction to football has always foremost for us been about human stories. Beyond the joy and emotion that the game can bring, beyond the tactics and beautiful play, what got us hooked on the game was the characters and personalities involved.

Our first guest on the show was American Samoan goalkeeper Nicky Salapu, who famously conceded 31 goals to Australia in 2001. He has an incredible story of perseverance and bravery in the face of adversity, and building a relationship with him where he sent us both signed shirts has been the ultimate highlight of our podcast journey so far.

So come along for the ride as we dive into the relationship between football and history, culture and politics. We will be covering some hot current topics as well as doing deep dives on games and issues from the past. However heavy the issues may be, we try to keep it light-hearted and positive too.

Meet the hosts



The German half of the show, Lion seeks to bring the political and sociological perspectives to the football analysis. A reluctant fan of Hamburg, he is forever cursing his Grandmother for not indoctrinating him into their far cooler and more politically aligned city neighbours, St. Pauli. When he isn’t discussing football on the pod, he loves nothing more than a political debate, playing chess or else praising the virtues of vegan life. Playing for the 7 a side team Volvox BK in Copenhagen tries to keep the team away from relegation through committed midfield performances, with varying degrees of success.


The Irish half of the podcast, he is also currently living in Copenhagen where he had the pleasure of meeting Lion on their university course. The imagination behind the Scoreless Thriller Podcast, Alex thought that the best way of putting his Political Science degree to good use was a podcast which examines Football’s relationship to history, society and politics. Nominally an Arsenal fan, forever ashamed that he does not have a more hipster team to support. When he’s not on the pod, he’s playing in goal for the same 7 a side team as Lion or watching any kind of sport.
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