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This is That Millwall Podcast – by the fans, for the fans. Let’s roar together as we back our boys at The Den.
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About That Millwall Podcast

Welcome to the ultimate hub for all things Millwall – That Millwall Podcast! If you’re a true-blue Lion, you’ve found your new favorite show. We’re the independent podcast that leaves no stone unturned in our coverage of everything Millwall.

We know we have a bit of a reputation, but we wear it with pride. We’re not afraid to say what we think and call it like we see it. So if you’re looking for honest opinions, in-depth analysis, and lively discussion about all things Millwall, you’ve come to the right place.

Our passionate team of hosts and guests bring their unique perspectives and expertise to each episode, giving you the inside scoop on everything happening at The Den. From match previews and reviews, transfer news, player interviews, and everything in between – we’ve got you covered.

Meet the hosts

Micky Simpson - Co Founder

Micky Simpson - Co Founder

Meet Micky, the ultimate Millwall superfan and proud dad to his beloved football club. He's like the cool uncle who knows everything about the beautiful game, but won't brag about his past as Fan On The Board (shh, don't tell anyone!). When he's not busy being the mastermind behind the AMS Group or leading the charge against the Lewisham council and Renewal in the legendary Battle of the Den campaign, you can find Micky hosting his hilarious podcast. It's like a library of football knowledge, but way more fun and with fewer books. Tune in to hear Micky's witty takes on the latest Millwall matches, player gossip, and maybe even a few dad jokes thrown in for good measure. Just don't ask him about his Fan On The Board days – he'll blush and change the subject faster than you can say "penalty kick."
Omer Ronayne Co-Founder

Omer Ronayne Co-Founder

Meet Omer, the Millwall maniac who's been following the Lions since he was knee-high to a grasshopper. Back in the day, he was proud to be a fully paid up Coach 1 club member, but now it's all about the away day adventures with a Stella in one hand and his phone in the other, chatting Millwall and football to anyone who'll listen. Omer's knowledge of the beautiful game is legendary, and he claims it's all thanks to his Championship Manager days. But don't try to argue with him post-match about players or tactics, because he'll fight his corner like a lion defending its pride. As if being a die-hard Millwall fan wasn't enough, Omer's also a massive England supporter, and he'll be giving us live reports and post-match reaction from Germany this summer. So, if you want to hear from a true football fanatic who knows his stuff, tune in to the show and prepare to be entertained!
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