The Finfans Podcast

A podcast for Miami Dolphin fans that is going to be real. We don’t sugarcoat topics. What you get is what we feel in the moment.

Ten12 Podcast

Tired of hearing about the Big 12 conference from people who don’t actually watch it? Join us twice a week as we show the Big 12 and it’s ten teams the attention they deserve! If you want you want to hear about the Big 12 from people that actually watch it, then join us every Monday and Thursday as we discuss all 10 teams in the Big 12 conference.

Boscoe’s Boys

Boscoe’s Boys is the most consistent recording Kansas State University podcast, publishing at least one episode every week for over 5 years straight, no exceptions, and it is hosted by a fan (and his dog). Don’t be confused, they have a secret day job, this is just for the love of the Cats.

The Nat Coombs Show

Host Nat Coombs has been anchoring NFL coverage on TV & Radio in the UK for the last 15 years. For his year round NFL podcast, he’s joined by an All-Pro crew of expert voices from both sides of the pond, getting you up to speed on all the latest news & key stories from around the league. Whether you’re a veteran NFL fan or brand new to the sport, everyone’s welcome! American Football, British Accent.

No Fly Zone Radio

This is a NY Jets fan podcast put together by two Irish guys, Biff Sweeney & Richard Tinley.

NFL Vent Zone

Calling all NFL Fans! Has your team wound you up this week? Are you tired of watching Russell Wilson or fed up of dodgy owners? Well, we have just the thing. The NFL Vent Zone is a weekly podcast providing NFL fans with a platform to vent or brag about their team. Our message is that we are here for you. Don’t hold in your Sunday night frustrations, don’t burden yourself with the pain of Thursday Night Football, come into the NFL Vent Zone and get it off your chest.

The Quick Snap UK

Just four guys from the across the UK pretending to know a huge amount about the NFL. We will be giving our view on every game during the season as well as covering all of the news in the long offseason. We have numerous guests from both the UK and America come on and give their views on all things NFL. We also host fantasy football based episodes for those fantasy football fanatics!