Fantasy Football Origin Stories

My name is Arnie Chapman, also known as The Football History Dude, and fantasy football is one of my greatest passions. I want you to come along with me each Wednesday to explore the yesteryear of this game of skill we all love so much. Yeah, that’s right, it’s a game of skill, all you wannabe champs out there.

This is an ode to the spreadsheet warriors, the game tape gurus, team name savants, and everyone in between. I’ll take you behind the scenes to explore the origin stories of your favorite fantasy football analysts, but I won’t stop there, because this show will include all roles in the industry.

You’ll get to know the game behind the game that’s behind the game like you’ve never heard it before, and I can’t wait for you to ride shotgun with me back in time, to learn about some of these armchair gridiron knowledge nuggets.
And remember, you got to tell all of your fantasy football-loving friends that this show is available to listen to for free in any app that supports podcasts. It’ll be the one fantasy football show you’re ok with sharing. Because even though there might be a fantasy tip here and there, this show is all about getting to know the people in the industry, not a weekly list-building show.

This show is also a proud member of the Sports History Network, the Headquarters For Sports Yesteryear. To learn more about this show, you can head directly to the site at https://fantasyfootballor…sportshistorynetwork.com. So grab your friends, and hop aboard my DeLorean, because we’re about to get this baby up to 88mph.

FPL Family

Husband & Wife, Lee & Sam talk #FPL!

@OfficialFPL Show, #FPLFYI, #FPLPod. #FPLFamily LIVE on YouTube every Sunday – go Subscribe! 👍 | Enqs: familyfpl@gmail.com

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James is a season ticket holder at Tottenham and Suj is a season ticket holder at West Ham. The guys combine their football knowledge and stats to provide useful and useless FPL advice on a weekly basis, as well as covering other relevant topics in the wider football world – they have a show available everyday. There are also regular meet-ups and live shows. The team have over 25 correspondents who feature regularly on the show.

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My name is (FPL) Harry! I will be bringing you FPL podcasts for enjoyment as well as helping you get your best finish in FPL and win those mini leagues! Previous 3 FPL Ranks: 510th, 1,345th, 3,814th! (In the world 😯)


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