Super Necessary

Combat sports podcast coming out of Liverpool, Merseyside. Just two mates, hosts Kieran and Jay, discussing various combat sports topics and events.

Boxing Social Radio

Get the latest boxing news, boxing results and videos from the UK and the world.

The Boxing Review Show With Anthony Crolla & Dominic McGuinness

Hosted by boxing broadcaster and author, Dominic McGuinness, and former WBA World Lightweight Champion, Anthony Crolla, ‘The Boxing Review Show’ aims to critically analyse the previous weekends boxing action, as well as provide a lighthearted overview of the events of the previous week in the boxing world.

Below The Belt – Boxing Podcast

Covering the fights and stories from the world of pugilism – with loads of chat about the current scene but with some room for Boxing history along the way.

Featuring regular guests from The Fighting Cock including; Flav, Thelonious Filth & Alex From Bristol. Plus British Boxing writers Paul Zanon, Luke G. Williams, Craig Scott.

Ball & Brawl

Three big talkers with A LOT to say. Sheffield Wednesday midfielder Josh Windass, Trainer of world champions Dave Coldwell and boxing promoter Sam Jones never hold back on the show that debates all the hot topics in football and boxing.

Eat Sleep Suplex Retweet

Join us as we discuss all things professional wrestling each week from the likes of WWE, AEW, NJPW, ICW plus many more!

Behind The Gloves

Founded in 2013 by Michelle Joy Phelps, Behind The Gloves has established itself as one of the most popular boxing YouTube channels globally over the course of the past 9 years, regularly securing high-profile interviews with the biggest names in the sport and breaking exclusive news.

The George Groves Boxing Club

The George Groves Boxing Club is the podcast you listen to if you love your boxing. If you want to know more about what it’s really like at the top level – how you throw a right hook, how you ride one, how you train for the biggest title fights around.
But it’s much more, too. This is the podcast you listen to if you ‘ve never been in the ring but want to step in there with one of Britain’s very best. If you want to understand what those who fight for a living go through. Not the hype, although we’ll find out about that too. The truth – gritty, painful, beautiful.
And that’s why we’d make it, in a media landscape where there’s plenty of other boxing podcasts. Where boxing podcasts come and go, and not enough people take notice. This is the boxing club where everyone’s welcome. Where you can wear what you like and sound like you do. Where the doors are always open.
One episode every week. One big topic. George takes us inside the pro world, shows us how boxers do it, tells us what really goes on in the minds and bodies of the world’s best fighters.
We might talk ring walks. We might talk training camps. We’ll definitely talk promoters, and opening rounds, and Vegas. We’ll have guests on who answer all those questions we ever had about this sometimes secret, often messy world.
Then George makes us feel part of it, too. Makes us want to learn more – adds to our love, adds to our fascination.
A community that’s about inclusion, not exclusion. A community where the audience is part of the show: interacting, asking questions, deciding what topics we talk about and how. Taking people inside the ropes who have never been there before.
And we grow it. The George Groves Boxing Club isn’t a quick stunt or a box to tick. It’s not a podcast that launches in a blaze of hype and hope and then dies away. It goes the distance, because it has the legs.
It’s the club you want to be part of, the club you can shape. It’s show we want to change boxing. And every part of the journey will feel special.