The Scrum of the Earth Rugby Podcast

My name is David Lawrence, and I’m an American Rugby fan who follows the game, wherever I can find it, all over the globe. The Scrum of the Earth is a weekly podcast, with bonus episodes frequently thrown in. Each week, we look at news and results from around the world, and we look ahead to upcoming action.

Please get in touch @OfScrum or TheScrumOfTheEarth@gmail.com, I am always happy to answer questions or respond to your ideas. Thanks, cheers, and be well!

US Rugby Happy Hour LIVE

US Rugby Happy Hour LIVE, hosted by the dynamic duo of Bill Baker of Eagles Overseas Rugby and John Fitzpatrick of Rugby Morning, is a captivating blend of insightful rugby discussions, entertaining banter, and a celebration of the sport’s spirit. With their wealth of knowledge and infectious enthusiasm, Baker and Fitzpatrick create an engaging space for American rugby enthusiasts to connect and revel in the game’s glory. Whether delving into the latest matches or sharing anecdotes with special guests, this podcast is a must-listen for anyone passionate about rugby, offering a delightful intersection of camaraderie and sports analysis.

Follow @eaglesoverseas on Twitter and Instagram for weekly guest announcements and direct link to the live shows.

Maul from Grace

The Six Nations is back, and with it the Maul from Grace podcast is born. Follow us on Instagram and X @maulfromgrace to keep up to date with all rugby-related news and future episodes.

The 8-9 Combo Rugby Podcast

Harry Jones, the grizzly old no.8, and Brett McKay, the unremarkable schoolboy no.9, unite for the short-side set-piece combination you didn’t realise you needed, coming from the rugby podcast combo you already had.

A couple of hosts who came together on a whim in 2022 have become arguably the best – and maybe the only – South African-American-Australian rugby podcast combination in the rugby world, blending the perfect combination of humour, nonsense, passion, and genuine insight. Tune in every week to find out where on earth Harry is podding from, and how on earth Brett keeps it all flowing as they enjoy great rugby chats with an incredible array of guests.

For The Love Of Rugby

No man has played rugby for England more than Ben Youngs. He’s also a scrum-half so he’s spent most of his 127 games chatting away to team-mates, opposition and referees. His mate Dan Cole also has over 100 caps, is still in the England squad, and has cult hero status thanks to his no-nonsense approach to most of life’s events. They’ve spent 20 years together at Leicester Tigers, toured together for the British and Irish Lions, and now podcast together every week. Throughout the Six Nations they’ll bring their ultimate guide to the championship, give you a behind the scenes tour of Twickenham, and tell you what really happens inside an England camp. They’ll occasionally have guests, and special correspondent Joe Marler will be on speed dial for whenever they need him.

Outside Centre

Robbie James takes on the challenge of breaking down the often complicated game of Rugby, with the help of Vicky Fleetwood & Ellie Boatman. Answering all the questions that new fans to Rugby want to know, join Robbie, Vicky & Ellie throughout the Women’s Six Nations.

Scottish Rugby Podcast

The podcast that takes a sideways look at Scottish rugby. Covering the best from the Scottish Rugby Blog and beyond (www.scottishrugbyblog.co.uk) on an almost weekly basis. Contact podcast@scottishrugbyblog.co.uk. Theme Music “Coyote” by Woodentooth (http://www.woodentooth.com).

CaolanSRugby Podcast

The CaolánSRugby podcast is a podcast, by fans for fans.

Over the season we will have news, previews, reviews and interviews with a diverse guest list the rugby world over.

Forty20 Rugby League Podcasts

We talk Rugby League…it’s what we do. The full Monday night show available as a weekly podcast and other special episodes too!

Podcast Rygbi Cymru

Eich diweddariad Rygbi Cymru wythnosol, sy’n cwmpasu’r pedwar rhanbarth, y tîm cenedlaethol a gêm y merched – yn eich mamiaith.