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15 November 2021

10 Questions With: The Unholy Trinity

Get to know the brains behind The Unholy Trinity podcast. Mike blesses us with insights into his Everton obsession, from Duncan Ferguson to Messi and every Everton based detail in between.

1. What Inspired you to start podcasting?

The reason for setting the show up was because we think we talk a bit of sense when it comes to our own club and are balanced in our approach. Too much of the sport media nowadays is reactive and we wanted to remain as calm as possible and not create something to solely cause outrage and for likes. With the poor coverage of clubs outside of the “Sky” 6, we also thought it important to create a something that discusses Everton, without the nonsense of centralised pundits with their own agenda.

2. Do you have a favourite episode of your podcast?

For us, we never take for granted the opportunity that we have created and that continues, because people enjoy the show and listen each week, so every show is important and special in its own way.

One that sticks out, is our most recent spin off show – Trinity B Side – Racism In Football, with Kick It Out’s, Troy Townsend. We feel we have a great platform to not only discuss Everton, but also the issues that impact football, and racism, is unfortunately, one of those. Troy spoke candidly about his own personal experiences of racism in the sport and the work he does on a daily basis supporting players and highlighting the serious issue we have and what needs to be done in the way of punishments. It was exceptionally eye opening and emotionally charged.

3. Who is your dream guest?

The three of us will have different opinions, I’m sure, but seen as I’m replying (Mike), I’ll have to go with Duncan Ferguson. He’s an iconic figure at the club and someone who is the epitome of what it means to be an Evertonian. His passion and energy is something that resonates, plus his time as a player, coach and caretaker manager, is something I’d love to discuss with him. Some say the club is too romantic and that may well be the case, but this man will manage the club in the near future and will deserve to get his opportunity.

4. Favourite Podcast to listen to? (That isn’t yours)

Prior to starting our show, I never really listened to any, but it’s certainly something I like to do on a daily basis now. My current favourites are Tony Bellew Is Angry, The James English Podcast and also No Passion, No Point. Anything involving sport and I’ll throw it on.

5. Who are your top 5 Players of all time?

I’ve got to base it on players I’ve seen play, so that rules out anyone before the 1980’s

If we are talking Everton, then I’ll go – Southall, Baines, Kanchelskis, Fellaini and Lukaku – that’s a decent 5-a-side outfit that

In terms of any player in world football (again, I’ve has to have seen them) – Zidane, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo (Brazilian), Thierry Henry and Messi

6. Who are the up and coming stars we should be looking out for at your club?

To be honest, I think we’ve struggled to develop players in recent years and that’s something the club are (hopefully) addressing. The one player everyone will see more of this season, is Anthony Gordon. Over the last few games, he’s been getting more game time, but more importantly, he’s impacting games. A big season for him and one I’m sure he’ll grasp with both hands.

7.  How would you describe your podcast in three words?

For the fans.

8. Favourite underdog moment?

I’ve got to go back to the 1995 FA Cup Final. We weren’t given a chance against a strong Man Utd side. That Everton side proved there’s a lot to be said for togetherness and spirit. Wouldn’t mind a few of those lads on the pitch now. Rightly named “The Dogs of War”.

9.  Apart from Football, are there any other sports you are interested in?

A bit of everything really. Cricket and golf the two outside of football that I watch fairly regularly.

10. At what age did you become a fan of your club and was there a moment that solidified your interest?

Attended my first match at the age of 5 and its been love ever since. There isn’t one moment that solidified it. Once you go, you’re hooked. The ground, the players the fallout, the ecstasy – its unique and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Once Everton has touched you…

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