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Anxious Black Belt

I aim to promote Karate as a tool for improving physical and mental health. I am a dedicated practitioner of the art of the empty hand and have been for over 25 years.

I provide inclusive martial arts tuition and work with various clients and organisations. My maxim is:

“Strong and caring people are the pillars of society, and Karate helps to cultivate them.”

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About Anxious Black Belt

Karate is not what you think!
This martial art can be used in many ways, to build your physical strength or mental fortitude. It can be a dynamic sport or a recreational hobby, a self-defense or self-development tool. Join Les Bubka to explore the possibilities within Karate and its connection to mental health, and listen to conversations with different martial artists on various subjects.

Meet the hosts

Les Bubka

Les Bubka

Les Bubka is a dedicated practitioner of the way of the empty hand and has been for over twenty years. He is the founder of Les Bubka Karate Jutsu which incorporates the art of Karate with his personal training qualifications in order to help people. Les grew up in Krakow, Poland, but now lives and works in the UK. He has experience in running projects in association with mental health charities and other institutions, introducing Karate as a tool to help build confidence, self-esteem and physical activity to disadvantaged members of the community.
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