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Your hotspot for all things entertainment! Dave Hendrick, Guy Drinkel and others dissect TV, movies, games & comics.

If it’s buzzing, we’re discussing! Tune in for deep dives into trending topics and the latest fan favourites.

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About Buzz Podcast

Welcome to The Buzz Podcast, where the pulse of pop culture is felt and echoed! In a world overflowing with content, what’s really worth your time? Our dynamic podcasting team, including audio aficionados like Dave Hendrick, Trev Downey, Guy Drinkel, and Gags Tandon, ensure you stay on top of the entertainment game. From the thrilling twists of the latest TV shows, cinematic masterpieces in movie theatres, and groundbreaking games, to the vibrant world of comics, if it’s creating a stir, it’s on our discussion table.

With The Buzz Podcast, you’re not just a listener, but a part of the global entertainment conversation. So, if you’re eager to know what’s buzzing, you’re in the right place!

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