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Humans of Speedway

Humans of Speedway focuses on the people behind the scenes of one of the most exciting sports around.

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About Humans of Speedway

Speedway is one of the most exciting sports you can watch, riders on board methanol fuelled machines which hit 60mph quicker than an F1 car, oh and they have no brakes! But behind this thrilling sport is an army of people who make it possible. From star riders to mega fans, referees to TV commentators Humans of Speedway shines a spotlight on those names you know well, and other names you many not be aware of, but without their contributions speedway wouldn’t quite be the same. But how did all of these people find their way into speedway, and what’s their story?

Previous episodes in the series include in depth chats with 1992 World Champion Gary Havelock, 7x British Champion Scott Nicholls, 3x World Longtrack Champion and TV commentator Kelvin Tatum and GB great Jeremy Doncaster. Find out what it takes to be a speedway referee with international ref Chris Durno, the pressures of making speedway’s greatest show run like clockwork with FIM Speedway GP Race Director Phil Morris, and life behind the microphone with commentator Nigel Pearson, plus many more.

In each episode we also put together our guest’s “Speedway Paradise” giving them the chance to design how their ultimate dream meeting would look, which track will they choose, who would be in their all time team, and even a chance to amend the rule book..!

Meet the stars of the sport from both on and off the track, subscribe now to Humans of Speedway!

And if you have an Alexa device, don’t forget to add the “Speedway News” skill from Humans of Speedway, for regular audio news updates on demand by asking “Alexa, what’s the latest speedway news?” 

Meet the hosts

Ian Brannan

Ian Brannan

A life long speedway fan, Ian Brannan has been a professional broadcaster, producer and voiceover artist for over 20 years. His first visit to the speedway was at the 1977 World Final in Gothenburg, however he didn’t see Ivan Mauger secure his 5th world title due to being an unborn baby at the time. This type of story is common among speedway fans as you’ll discover if you listen to Humans of Speedway, being introduced at an early age and the sport just sticks to you. Through the 80s and 90s Ian was a Halifax and then Bradford Dukes fan, regularly visiting The Shay and later Odsal until the team closed down in 1997 having won the league championship, it could only happen in speedway… With hopes raised that speedway can soon return to Odsal stadium, those Bradford days could yet be back. In the meantime living in the North East he’s been a regular visitor to Redcar Bears and Newcastle Diamonds as well as Sheffield, plus as many speedway fans do, the annual trip to Cardiff for the British GP.
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