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The 2 Beards Wrexham Podcast

Join Rousey and Adrian as they discuss everything Wrexham AFC!
From reviewing and previewing games. News, Guests and a lot more. 2 Beards Wrexham Podcast is your go-to for all things Wrexham.

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About The 2 Beards Wrexham Podcast

Calling all Wrexham AFC fans! Are you looking for a one-stop shop for all things Red Dragons? Look no further than the 2 Beards Wrexham Podcast, hosted by the enthusiastic Aussie duo Rousey and Adrian.

Join these passionate supporters every episode for in-depth discussions and analysis on your favourite club. Whether it’s dissecting the latest match, speculating on upcoming fixtures, or diving into breaking Wrexham news, Rousey and Adrian have you covered.

Here’s a taste of what you can expect on the 2 Beards Wrexham Podcast:

Match Reviews and Previews: Get the lowdown on recent Wrexham performances. Rousey and Adrian will break down tactics, player evaluations, and key moments, offering their unique Australian perspective. They’ll also turn their attention to upcoming matches, providing insightful previews and predictions to keep you hyped.

Wrexham AFC News: Stay on top of everything happening at the Racecourse Ground. The 2 Beards will discuss the latest transfer rumors, squad updates, and any other news that might impact the club’s fortunes.

Engaging Guests: The podcast doesn’t just feature Rousey and Adrian’s banter (though that’s entertaining in itself!). They regularly invite special guests onto the show. These could be Wrexham legends, up-and-coming players, journalists, or even fellow die-hard fans, offering a fresh take and new insights on the club.

And Much More: The 2 Beards like to keep things interesting. Expect fun segments, hilarious anecdotes, and maybe even some heated debates (all in good spirits, of course!). They might also touch on broader football topics or delve into the Wrexham fan community.

So, if you’re a Wrexham AFC supporter looking for passionate discussions, insightful analysis, and a good dose of Aussie enthusiasm, then the 2 Beards Wrexham Podcast is the perfect listen for you. Subscribe now and join the Red Dragons faithful on their exciting football journey!

Meet the hosts

Chris (Rousey)

Chris (Rousey)

Rousey is an avid Wrexham supporter and an English born Australian. Passionate about football he now reports on a Welsh football club. His quick wit and no filter can often make for hilarious listening.


Adrian is a streamer come podcaster and brings a sharp knowledge of the game and a quick wit to make for some good listening. Also an avid Wrexham supporter, Adrian hails Scottish roots and a love for the game that's unrivalled.
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