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The Late Braking F1 Podcast

The Late Braking F1 Podcast covers all the latest news, race incidents, controversies and ridiculous moments in Formula 1. Expect plenty of debate…and plenty of silliness too.

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About The Late Braking F1 Podcast

What do you get if you combine three best friends, an undying love for Formula 1 and a microphone? You get the Late Braking F1 Podcast, a weekly dive into all things F1.

Formed in 2016, Ben Hocking, Harry Eade and Sam Sage for some reason made the decision that their motorsport passion and general ridiculousness should not just be kept within their circle. Since that point, Late Braking has worked closely with respected outlets such as DriveTribe and PlanetF1 to create engaging content. The first episode of the podcast went live on the 24th August 2018 and the rest, as they say, is history. 

Listen to the guys as they discuss the latest news, race incidents, controversies and ridiculous moments in Formula 1. Expect plenty of debates…and plenty of silliness too.

Meet the hosts

Harry Eade

Harry Eade

A lifelong Formula 1 fan and head of the Michael Schumacher fan club, Harry is famous for never getting any championship or race predictions correct on the Late Braking F1 Podcast. Nevertheless, his enthusiasm for the sport has not been quashed by this curse and he spends most weekends of the year glued to each F1 session, ready to see just how wrong his latest prediction has been
Ben Hocking

Ben Hocking

Known for his love of statistics and dry sense of humour, Ben Hocking regularly displays both when presenting the Late Braking F1 Podcast. Ben’s passion and dedication for Formula 1 shines through on each episode and he enjoys nothing more than being able to chat all things F1 with his two best friends, even if it does sometimes verge on babysitting. Ben isn’t afraid to form strong, unbiased opinions, and he’s equally unafraid to share them, regardless of how popular or unpopular they might be.
Sam Sage

Sam Sage

Bringing the bold, bizarre, and downright funny to Late Braking, Sam who is often referred to as the "Tumble Dryer of Mystery" means you never quite know what he is going to say next. Having built a reputation for having the most ridiculous analogies and some of the most passionate analysis of a sport he has loved since childhood, you just know it's going to be worth a listen.

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