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Tottenham Fan Voice Podcast

The Tottenham Fan Voice Podcast, hosted weekly by Matt Hayes, offers fan analysis of all things Tottenham.

From transfer news and paper talk to match previews and reviews, this is your one-stop shop for Tottenham Hotspur content.

Keep an eye out for some very special guests!

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About Tottenham Fan Voice Podcast

Welcome to the Tottenham Fan Voice Podcast, the only Tottenham pod that cares about YOUR opinion.

During the transfer window, this is your home of Tottenham transfer news, telling you EVERYTHING you could want to know about Tottenham’s transfer targets, including which players could be leaving.

Outside of the transfer window, we will keep you up-to-date with ALL of Tottenham’s games – tactical analyses, in-depth reviews and fan opinions.

If you are a Tottenham fan who can’t keep up with the never-ending trail of news, this is the channel for you. I scour the rumours and bring to you the most reliable stories from the most reliable sources.

Meet the hosts

Matt Hayes

Matt Hayes

Matt Hayes is a Senior Analyst for Stats Perform, and a diehard Tottenham Hotspur fan. He created his YouTube channel Matt Hayes - Tottenham Blog in 2019, before starting the Tottenham Fan Voice Podcast 18 months later. He offers expert analysis of all things Tottenham - on and off the pitch. He has welcomed guests such as Fabrizio Romano, Michael Bridge and Antony Costa onto his podcast. At just 20 years of age, Matt sees his future career in the area of talking about football - help him get there!
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