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Tuned into Tennis

A fun audio show featuring commentary about the latest headlines in Professional Tennis. We keep you up to date on whats happening in the merging worlds of Sports and Pop Culture and do it in the most colorful way we know how. Did you miss the latest match from Coco Gauff ? Want to know how Carlos Alcaraz is doing? Host, Myles David will definitely let you know!

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About Tuned into Tennis

As a fan of the sport for nearly 2 decades, Myles David brings you the latest developments in Professional Tennis with some of the most Colorful Conversation about what’s going on around the world. The goal is to make tennis conversations fun, engaging, and accessible for all who have an affinity for the game. Since 2020, sports fans and tennis fanatics alike have been able to join in on the conversation with #TunedIntoTennis

Meet the hosts

Myles David

Myles David

Myles David is a modern millennial tennis fan and has been following the sport for nearly 20 years. Born in a cozy town outside of New Orleans Louisiana, Myles grew a great affinity for the sport from watching Serena Williams compete against Jelena Jankovic on television during the 2006 US Open Series in Los Angeles. He aims to share the passion he has for tennis with those who have been near and dear to the game for quite some time, as well as those just growing into the sport. The passion, athleticism, and precision professional tennis players showcase all throughout the world is something he believes more people should be following and supporting. His favorite tournament on the calendar is the US Open in Queen, New York and his favorite match up is Venus Williams vs Lindsay Davenport.
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