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What if Football is a daily football show that slides the doors open into alternate football universes on YouTube. But we also have podcasts too! We’ll be here 3 days a week with Ranked on Tuesdays, the Noughties Nostalgia Podcast on Wednesdays and The Barclays on Fridays.

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About What If Football

What if Football is a multi-platform endeavour. You might know us from the alternate football videos on YouTube, where try to delve into alternate universes such as: What if John Terry hadn’t slipped in the 2008 UEFA Champions League final? But we also produce podcasts and have a Patreon page!

So, whilst you’re here you can take a rose-tinted spectacled look at football in the 2000s with the Noughties Nostalgia Podcast, or equally as nostalgic: a month-by-month look at the Premier League from its inception in 1992 in The Barclays. If your thing is lists, don’t worry: our Ranked series every Tuesday will cover that.

And on our Patreon feed, we preview and review current football, as well as other nostalgic podcasts, analysing Great Games as well as pitting teams and players against each other in Head to Head and answering all of your burning ‘What if?’ questions in a weekly mailbag.

Meet the hosts

Jake Doyle

Jake Doyle

Jake is a lifelong football fan and a former season ticket holder at Manchester United, and typically not from Manchester! Author of three books, including one alternate football short stories book: And Shearer Has Won It.
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