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Take a look at our FAQ’s and hopefully we’ve covered off everything you need to know.

If anything is left unanswered then you can contact the team.

  • Does it cost to join the network?No, we don’t charge a sign up or hosting fee – you can cancel your current subscription and save money. 
  • What do I get?You receive access to a great hosting platform, listening figures, a bespoke landing page on our website and monetisation for your content. Alongside free access to our great hosting platform which provides you with your download figures, we give you a bespoke landing page on the Sport Social Podcast Network website and access to programmatic adverts for your content. There is strength in numbers and one of the biggest advantages to you is being part of a friendly and helpful community of over 500 podcasts (and growing). This attracts larger advertisers to sponsor the network directly, sponsors that you wouldn’t have access to as a standalone podcast. We do the work in finding the sponsors and share the revenue with you. Plus, you’ll be considered for various marketing promotions throughout the year so your podcast can reach even more ears. 
  • Will I still own my podcast if I join?Yes you are 100% the owner of your podcast and we don’t get involved with your content (unless you want our advice).  
  • How do I transfer my feed?We help you redirect your feed from your current host and we are able to support you throughout. It’s a very simple process and your listeners will experience zero disruption. 
  • Will I lose my subscribers or past episodes?No! All of your subscribers and past episodes will transfer to the network. 
  • How long does it take to join the network?We can get you on board between 1-3 days of you sending us your details. 
  • How do I earn money? Through programmatic advertising and sponsorship deals. Our team do the hard work for you so your content can earn revenue as soon as you join the network and because we have a pure sport focus we’re able to secure the best deals for your show. 
  • Can I keep my own social media and websites?Absolutely, everything from YouTube to Patreon is OK with us. We can even provide an embed player you can add to your website to make listening to your episodes super-easy. 
  • How long do I sign up for?We hope you’ll stay forever, but agreements are renewed annually after the initial period we agree with you. If you decide not to stay you are free to move your RSS feed away to a new hosting platform of your choice. 
  • When do I get paid? A very important question! We send you a monthly statement and when your revenue balance reaches £50 we make a payment at the end of the month. We also have two dates per year where we pay you your balance regardless of if you have hit that £50. These dates are October and April.
  • How do I get paid? We pay via a bank transfer directly into your nominated UK bank account. We can make payments to non UK accounts which will incur a small fee.  Payments made to non GBP accounts will also be subject to your banks fee structure and the exchange rate on the day. 

 Got some more questions? Contact the team.