Former Wasps Rugby star to tackle another mammoth climb.

Former Rugby Union star Ed Jackson is eyeing another climbing challenge just 3 years after being told he may never walk again.

Having captained England U18’s, Ed was considered a hugely exciting prospect in the professional game until he suffered a career-ending back injury in 2017 after diving into the shallow end of a swimming pool.

Speaking to the Tap and Go podcast the London Wasps and Dragon’s No.8 spoke of his exciting plans for 2021. These include climbing the highest mountain in the Alps, Mont Blanc and a trek up a 7000-meter peak in Nepal… but even that may not be the limit to his adventures.

“I can’t imagine being in a position that I am in today without stumbling effectively on climbing mountains. I think it is something that I am not going to look back from and if anything I am looking to go higher and higher and we’ll see how far it can take us.”

After being told by experts that he would be unlikely to walk again, Ed has since proved his doubters wrong by completing a number of remarkable challenges; including climbing Mount Snowdon just 12 months after spinal surgery.

“At the time, my physio said I was mad when I said I was going to do it. He thought I was actually planning for the year later, so a whole year afterwards”.

On the new podcast Ed talks about his recovery and the early days after the accident and how he wants his story to help inspire others and show that no matter what has happened, there are always positives to be taken.

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